Decisions based on democracy

The decisionmaking of the Regional Council is based on municipal democracy.

The Assembly – the highest decision-making organ of the Regional Council – convenes two or three times a year to decide on the economic frameworks and to set up long-term operational objectives for the Regional Council. The Assembly holds 39 seats. Chairman of the Assembly is Mr Matias Mäkynen (Social Democratic Party).

The Board of the Regional Council convenes ordinarily once a month to monitor the regional development and planning operations. The Board has 13 members. Chairman of the Board is Mr Joakim Strand (Swedish People's Party).

The Auditing Committee shall prepare matters related to audits of the administration and finances for decisions by the Assembly and assess whether the operational and financial objectives set by the Assembly have been achieved. The Auditing Committee has five members. Chairman of the Committee is Mr Martin Markén (Swedish People's Party).

The Cultural Committee is responsible for the cultural issues concerning the Finnish-speaking population of the region. The Committee is maintaining close relations with the member municipalities of the Regional Council, with the Cultural Committee of the Association for Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia, with the Regional Art Council of Ostrobothnia and with a number of cultural institutions and organisations. The Cultural Committee has 13 members. Chairman of the Committee is Ms Oili Airaksinen-Rajala (Social Democratic Party).

The Regional Co-operation Group – set up by the Board of the Regional Council – is responsible for the national administration of EU structural fund programmes on a regional level. The following authorities and organisations are equally represented in the Regional Co-operation Group:

  • the Regional Council and its member municipalities
  • the government authorities and other governmental organisations participating in the financing of the EU programmes
  • the labour market organisations as well as the commercial and industrial organisations bearing the greatest importance to the development of the region.

Chairman of the Regional Co-operation Group is Mr Michael Luther (Swedish People's Party).

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