Smart Specialisation

Ostrobothnia needs innovations to be a successful region also in the future. Our regional innovation strategy is based on smart specialisation.

The focus of our strategy is on innovation, growth and cooperation.

Smart specialisation means that countries and regions identify and choose their own strengths on which they concentrate their future efforts and investments.

Industry 4.0 Eng from Rethink New Media Solutions Ab on Vimeo.

A Base for the Structural Funds Programmes

The structural funds programmes of the European Union for the years 2014–2020 are based on smart specialisation. It is emphasized in the preparation of the new programming period. Smart specialisation is also highlighted in the EU research programme Horizon 2020.

Cooperation and Common Understanding Needed

The region needs ongoing efforts to support research and development in companies, higher education institutions and in the public sector. Above all, we need cooperation and a common understanding of important development measures for a systematic concentration of the financing for regional development means.

The Ostrobothnian strategy for smart specialisation is focused on the manufacturing industry and on activities that benefit several sectors. At the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, we aim to strengthen the cooperation between companies, education and the public sector.


Jerker Johnson