Smart Specialisation

Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)

Ostrobothnia needs innovations to be a successful region also in the future. Planning an innovation is not possible but you can create the conditions for it to happen. This by improving the regional innovation system and then the innovation itself may occur as a “happy accident”. If we simplify a little bit one could say that the innovation system is about the way the information on business opportunities and new technologies is spread among the stakeholders. This happens normally through interactions between business networks, universities, development organizations and through the information that is received from the public sector.

We speak about the Ostrobotnian innovation network but even if the companies are located in the region innovation networks are both local and global. The networks are already in function but changes all the time and the challenge for the planning is to learn more about them and find shortcomings that we can remedy for with existing means. For this reason we implement annual gap-studies where we analyze the defaults in the functioning of the structures and then we open thematic calls for projects to remedy for the shortcomings that we have discovered.

The picture below is a presentation of regional innovation and was executed by Marcelo Alvarez at the international congress "Foro Internacional de Innovacion Regional" in Chile, May 2016. Click the picture to enlarge it.
Read more about Marcelo Alvarez and see more images from the event.

innovacion regional

The objective for the work

Our objective for the work is to be a ”triple-helix connected region” where the business life receive the information and knowledge supply they need but where they also understand the premise under which the planning works. For this reason we ask in our analysis about where the innovations partners are located, and if they are businesses, within the research institutions or within the development organizations. Moreover what are the experiences and expectations on the innovation partners and which are technologies that are important now and in the future.

We ask the questions to enterprises that are leading exporters and the objective is to learn form and together with them. Our policy measures are nevertheless on strengthening the innovation system by bridging gaps and this will benefit everyone that works with innovations. On the basis if the results in the survey we will ask respondents to attend focus seminars where we discuss the underlying reasons for the gaps.


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