About Us

The Regional Council is one of the eighteen regional councils in Finland. We are a statutory joint municipal authority formed by the fifteen municipalities in the region of Ostrobothnia, on the west coast of Finland.

Our aim is to build up the necessary conditions for a balanced development and economic growth and thereby serve the welfare of the Ostrobothnian people. The development efforts are financed both by national and EU resources.

We are the primary interest supporter of Ostrobothnia. Our most important goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the region. To reach that goal we strive to influence governmental decisions that affect the region.

Regional Funding Creates Innovation and Growth

Staying competitive in an increasingly digitalised world is a core challenge for Ostrobothnia’s manufacturing industry and education system. By promoting cooperation around emerging technologies, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia ensures the region is up for the challenge.

Ostrobothnia on the map

Ostrobothnia is situated on the west coast of Finland. The geographical area of the Regional Council consists of 14 municipalities and three sub-regions. The population is approximately 176,000. The city of Vaasa is the regional centre. Ostrobothnia is truly international with more than 100 languages spoken.

The bordering regions are Central Ostrobothnia in the north, South Ostrobothnia in the east and Satakunta in the south.