Regional Development

The Regional Council is responsible for composing the Regional Strategy as well as drawing up the Spatial Plan of Ostrobothnia.

The Regional Strategy defines the most important development efforts in the region and is a combination of the desired long-term development with necessary strategic choises and development strategies as well as the most important projects in terms of regional development.

To implement the Regional Strategy we prepare an Implementation Plan every two years. It includes the most important projects and other measures executing the Regional Strategy and other development programmes, together with details on required financing. The Implementation Plan is basically a regional budget with the purpose of influencing the state budget and enhancing the co-ordination between the regional programme activities.

The Spatial Plan of Ostrobothnia is a general plan outlining the use of land in the region or parts of the region. The plan sets out the principles of land use and community structure and designates areas as necessary for regional development. The purpose of the plan is to settle national, regional and sub-regional land use issues. It is used as a guideline when drawing up and amending local master plans and local detailed plans, and when any other measures are taken to organise land use.

Ostrobothnia Regional Strategy 2022–2025